PIER (UK) has seen a huge increase in demand for the compact Citysucker Vacuum Excavator when it comes to managing road works in busy city centre locations. The work needs to be completed as efficiently and safely as possible, whilst also limiting the disruption to local residents.

The smaller Citysucker trucks are ideal for working in built-up areas as they are over 4 metres shorter than the standard 26 and 32 tonne models. With a more streamlined width and design, they significantly reduce the amount of space needed to work on-site.

This rise in demand could only mean one thing: it was time to add a new Citysucker to our hire fleet. This was to ensure we maintain nationwide availability of this compact option for our customers.

We took delivery of a rather special vehicle: the first of its kind in Europe to be fitted with a full power boom, making sure it still packs the same punch, regardless of its size.

PIER (UK) are proud to offer the compact Citysucker Vacuum Excavator; a smaller suction excavation model. The system provides a much more compact profile when mounted to a MAN 12-tonne twin axle chassis (or another suitable alternative), making it ideal for navigating around sites that have restricted access.

The units have twin circuit hydraulic systems that operate the boom and a compressor that utilises hydraulic oil HLP 46. The belt driven; oil cooled compressor air system uses a rotary compressor for up to 7 bar air pressure with 4m3/min air flow. There are 2 oiled and non-oiled air tool connections at the rear of the vehicle.

PIER (UK) have seen the increasing demand for their urban friendly, compact Citysucker range of housing developments and city centre works. Due to changes being made or utilities being installed at different stages, excavation work regularly needs to be carried out at a later date when the previously installed utilities have become live.

On these types of sites, working areas are normally restricted for working space due to narrow road widths, working in sections to restrict the area under construction or tying into existing footpaths, roads, or landscaping areas.

High performance on a smaller scale

The Citysucker Vacuum Excavator provides high performance in a compact, urban friendly design. Their smaller sizes make them ideal for sites with limited or restricted access where large excavation units may have difficulty manoeuvring. This gives our team the ability to solve any logistical problems that our customers may have.

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As the industry leaders in Suction Excavation, PIER (UK) will listen carefully to their customers’ requirements and provide a solution that is suitable for the job at hand.

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