Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys are quickly becoming vastly popular when needed to identify potential safety hazards underground, but what are GPR Surveys?

Undertaking a Ground Penetrating Radar Survey

Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys scan the ground underneath the surface by using radar technology to identify any objects underground. This advanced technology has two antennas for a shallow and deep scan range, allowing it to detect various underground cables and assets at multiple depths.

The machine’s built-in computer provides detailed scan drawings on the screen which allows the GPR Survey technician to clearly mark out where the underground services and assets on the ground are in order for construction site workers to consider when working in the area.

Why should you use Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys? 

A GPR Survey can help to confirm the precise location of underground lines when used in conjunction when planning the drawings of the area. More importantly, this technology can help to identify any newer cables that are underground if old plans haven’t been updated. This ensures that all the services are clearly identified in order to reduce the risk of striking cables and causing personal injury.

What are the benefits of undertaking a Ground Penetrating Survey?
  • All underground services can be identified before commencing with on-site work.
  • Potential hazards are marked clearly on the ground which allows site managers to assess the risk and manage on-site safety.
  • All on-site workers can see the precise location of underground utilities when excavating the ground.

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