With nearly 10 years in the Vacuum Excavation industry, PIER (UK) have undertaken various projects including car park extensions, hotel developments, sports stadium extensions as well as shopping centres and supermarkets.

For all of our projects, we were required to expose the ground to safely locate live services (gas, water, and electric). Due to the safety and speed of our excavators and our professional operators, our customers continue to trust their projects with us.

What Issues Do Our Customers Face?

When companies choose to not opt for Vacuum Excavation, they tend to face several issues, particularly:

  • Manual Labour: Whilst at first glance, hiring a team of labourers may appear to be cheaper than an excavator and an operator, but it will take much longer for the dig to be completed.
  • Service Strike Risk: With manual work, there comes an increased risk of striking an unidentified cable or service.

How Vacuum Excavation Can Support Your Upcoming Project

With the ability to remove debris from tree roots and expose underground utilities without damaging the surrounding area, Vacuum Excavators are ideal for projects within the construction, civil engineering and utility industries. Working closely with our manufacturers, the advanced technology provides a precise excavation with complete control through the use of the remote-controlled arm.

Once all underground utilities have been located and clearly marked, our Vacuum Excavator will make light work of removing the material to prepare for a maintenance, installation, or repair job. The no-dig suction reduces noise and disruption to the surrounding residents and also limits vibrations that can lead to damages on or around the site.

The History of Vacuum Excavation 

Vacuum Excavation was modified from ‘hydro excavation’ in the 1950s and as technology has continued to progress over time, Vacuum Excavators have become a regular feature on construction, civil engineering and utility projects.

Vacuum Excavators were heavily used in Canada throughout the 1990s and towards the millennium, excavators made their way across to Europe and in particular, the United Kingdom. Since 2008, the demand for Vacuum Excavation led to a number of new designs, focusing on improved performance, due to the increased number of applications for the technology.

With the recent approval for a facility expansion at the Emirates Old Trafford Cricket ground for a 1,025 seater stand, a heritage centre and shop, Vacuum Excavation would be the ideal choice of method when exposing the underground for installing new services and moving the current ones.

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