vacuum excavation in the South West

Our Health and Safety Manager spent the week in South Wales and the West Country, checking in with our operators and customers to see how the jobs were getting on as well as seeing our Vacuum Excavation vehicles in action.

With a variety of customers projects underway to safely excavate underground utility cables, we have rounded up a few highlights from the sites that he visited.

Suction Excavation for Street Works

A few members of the PIER (UK) team were supporting a utilities contractor to expose underground cables within a busy housing area. Our video demonstrates how the Vacuum Excavator works:

Vacuum Excavation in Action

This video particularly demonstrates how the Vacuum Excavator is supported by the air lance:

Promoting Safe Excavation

Visits are a regular occurrence for our Health and Safety manager as he works closely with our customers to promote safe excavation techniques and ensures that on-site safety practices are being actively executed by our team at all times.