Throughout the last few years, practising safe excavation has quickly become an essential part of Civil Engineering projects. Unfortunately, with our roads and pavements becoming increasingly crowded, choosing the correct earth moving equipment to ensure that safe utility work is carried out is providing more challenging than ever.

According to industry experts Clyde and Co, there are up to 60,000 service strikes per year across the United Kingdom with the cost of one averaging around £7,000. With the rise of stringent Health and Safety regulations, coupled with sustainability increased fines for missed deadlines, more contractors are looking for a safer, more efficient alternative to manually digging.

The demand for Vacuum Excavation, a safe, and practical excavation method has increased hugely over the last few years, and it isn’t difficult to understand why.

Vacuum Excavation requires no digging which eliminates almost all damage and personal injury risks. A high-powered suction truck is used to quickly and expertly lift away the ground with no manual work equipment and the remote-control arm offers the operator complete control.

Why Vacuum Excavation Is The Earth Moving Equipment You Need

One area in which the Suction Excavators have fallen short is off-road excavation work. Traditional excavation trucks were initially designed for working from a hard stand only which meant that the contractors were forced to employ the use of ground protection mats and temporary haul roads if they wanted to access the remote areas.

However, PIER (UK) has solved this problem with the launch of their Tracked-Vac system in February 2018. This innovative new system features a tracked under-carriage, making it capable of navigating the more challenging terrains. The Tracked-Vac is an excellent addition to PIER (UK)’s ever-growing hire fleet.

As Vacuum Excavation continues to grow, it is our intention to expand our fleet to meet the customer’s requirements. We began in 2009 with our first system, and we now have over 300 customers registered with PIER (UK). We are really pleased that more contractors are beginning to see the benefits of this safer, more reliable excavation method, and we can’t wait to continue leading the marketplace in quality and service.”
— Sean Quinn, Managing Director of PIER (UK).

If you are thinking about choosing Vacuum Excavation as the correct method of earth moving equipment, the PIER (UK) team will be happy to assist you with any questions.

As the industry leaders in Vacuum Excavation, PIER (UK) will listen carefully to their customers’ requirements and provide a solution that is suitable for the job at hand.

You can contact our team on email or on 01925 228 674. Alternatively, you can view our latest projects on our Social Media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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