There is an array of reasons to use a Vacuum Excavator and with almost 20 years of experience in the construction, civil engineering and building industries, PIER (UK) are proud to be the leading providers of Vacuum Excavation to a variety of customers.

Reasons to use a Vacuum Excavator: 

  • A less invasive technology, with faster results when compared to the more traditional methods of manual digging.
  • A high precision dig and location of the services, which provides a lower risk of personal injury and on-site issues.
  • Vacuum Excavation requires one or two operators, comparable to the traditional team of 2 or more men to manually dig. Our Vacuum Excavators have the capability to move much more material in a more efficient time frame in comparison to the manual workers.
  • The material is stored within the skip, ensuring the area is kept completely clean.
  • The Suction Excavator provides minimal disruption to traffic and the surrounding public with low noise and efficient work speed.
  • Vacuum Excavation reduces utility damages, whilst excavating on the motorway and footpath during construction works.
  • There is an increased productivity compared to the more conventional excavating methods.
  • Our Vacuum Excavators are fitted with hydraulic power arms which increase manoeuvrability and reduce manual handling.
  • Our excavators allow our team to work in a clean and tidy manner on all locations, with pedestrian access, barrier systems, 2-way traffic systems, as well as no soil being on-site.
  • Hiring a Vacuum Excavator reduces the amount of underground damage and solidifies the industries’ commitment to adopting the better practice in order to avoid damage to the underground assets.

With a full team of highly trained operators, we have the ability to undertake a variety of projects that involve exposing the ground to discover, install or repair services such as gas, water, electricity, and telecommunication. Our excavators also have the ability to uncover tree roots and old culverts and remove railway bridge ballast.

As the industry leaders in Vacuum Excavation, PIER (UK) operate the largest fleet of vacuum excavators in the UK and have 12 years’ vacuum excavation experience, assisting construction and utility companies across a diverse range of projects.

You can contact our team or on 01925 228 674. Alternatively, you can view our latest projects on our Social Media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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