Our City Sucker mobile vacuum excavator provides high performance within a compact and urban friendly design. The small size makes the excavator ideal for sites with limited or restricted access, such as city centres, where our large excavators may have difficulty manoeuvring. Since the launch of the City Sucker in 2014, PIER (UK) has witnessed an increasing demand for our urban friendly, compact excavator on housing developments and city centre projects. Standard Features of the City Sucker Vacuum Excavator:

  • High-capacity filter system Standard Features of the City Sucker Vacuum Excavator:
  • Automatic pulse jet filter cleaning system
  • Separation of material before filters
  • 7 bar, 140 cfm rotary compressor for tooling
  • 2m3 rear tipping spoil capacity
  • Full hydraulic tipping and telescopic boom
  • Tip to the ground or into bags for easy cleaning
  • Boom swivels 180 degrees, extension to 2.8 m

The Importance of Avoiding a Service Strike On average, there are estimated to be 4 million excavations in the UK on a yearly basis, resulting in approximately 60,000 strikes.* Service strikes risk a delay in project completion, add on additional costs to the budget and can have a negative impact on your customers, as well as other on-site contractors. The key risk factors of a service strike are investigation costs, personal safety, repair costs, reputational damage and time. On-site management will need to assess the impact the delay will have overall. The best alternative to mechanical excavation and hand excavation to avoid potential service strikes is using a Vacuum Excavator. When projects are taking place in city centres or on housing developments, our compact City Sucker is perfect for the job as our operator will be able to work in tight, confined spaces without any issues. Several transport infrastructure projects have made promises to improve the access to major regions and town centres, despite projects in densely-populated areas bringing an increased risk to the job. It is a known fact that the UK high street requires investment and for those projects to run smoothly, a City Sucker Vacuum Excavator is an ideal choice for ensuring that no service strikes are caused and disruption is minimised. For regular updates on PIER (UK) projects, why not follow our team on LinkedIn and make sure you pop back to our blog to read more about our fleet.

* https://utilityweek.co.uk/striking-it-out-how-can-the-industry-cut-down-utility-strikes/


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