First you met our City Sucker and now in the second of our series introducing you to our fleet, we now meet the PIER (UK) Tracked-Vac.

In 2018, PIER (UK) launched the UK’s first Tracked-Vac, a specially designed Vacuum Excavator that is ideal for rough and challenging terrain.

The Tracked-Vac has assisted our customers with projects on cross-country terrain. This unique piece of excavation equipment can reach areas that a standard wheeled excavator cannot, enabling our team to solve logistical problems for our customers with an economical, efficient and innovative solution.

The Making of the Tracked-Vac

In 2017, we took our ideas to our manufacturers and collectively, we turned them into a unique design. The finalised idea was then moved onto the workshop where our vision came to life, in which we incorporated the fan design and suction hose from our 26-ton Dino 3 system. The system was then mounted onto an 8-meter-long undercarriage and powered with a 525-horsepower engine.

What are the key features of the Tracked-Vac?

  • Safe excavating
  • High manoeuvrability
  • All terrain ability
  • High performance suction power
  • Standard operating procedures
  • A large capacity container
  • A self-cleaning filter system
  • High capacity on board compressor
  • Long distance working
  • Deep excavation working

Which projects are suitable for the Tracked-Vac?

The Tracked-Vac has been specially designed for terrain surfaces such as grassy land and beaches and since its launch, it has completed a mixture of projects for our customers, including:

  • An Environmental Agency project on a Cornwall beach – an emergency job took place to prevent flooding.
  • A muddy landscape in Stoke-on-Trent—our operators excavated the ground ready for the installation of HV cable connections at a new distribution centre.

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